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  team-fsd.com :: View topic - -=[FSD]=-Guidelines and Expectations
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-=[FSD]=-Guidelines and Expectations

This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    team-fsd.com Forum Index -> -=[FSD]=-Guidelines & Expectations
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Joined: Feb 12, 2008
Posts: 325
Location: Omaha, NE

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 2:33 pm    Post subject: -=[FSD]=-Guidelines and Expectations Reply with quote

Clan Guidelines and Expectations
(Read and abide by these if you enjoy your membership and player admin status.)

1) Requirements for Membership

You must be 18 yrs of age or older.


X-fire (Recommended for map dwnlds. get as soon as you can)

Teamspeak: When you register for ts please use your game name so we know who you are.(port info on website-member can tell you password)

Register with AAO Tracker if you play America's Army.

Donate to keep the servers, website, and teamspeak up!!!! Your donation will be non-refundable.

Read the forums and stay up to date. (This means at least once a week check the forums)

If you fail to be an active member of the clan on the forums, servers, and teamspeak you will be removed after a period of 90 days of inactivity. Again your donation is non-refundable.

Do as requested by the Head Staff.

Never Hack!!!!!

Have FUN!!!!!

(DO NOT PUT ON THE CLAN TAGS UNTIL YOUR TOLD BY TOGA, DthbyKiss, or one of the other head admins.)

All the links for x-fire, ts, aaotracker are on our web link section on the website. Plus lots of other helpful links you may want to check out.

Go to website and post in forums under recruitment. Tell us about yourself. Real name, Age, Where ya from?, What's your favorite map? Etc.

2) About -=[FSD]=- Forgotten Souls of Darkness

FSD was born on October 25th 2007. We are a family clan that is growing fast. Our main goal is to have fun. Every player in this clan is an equal we do not rank our members. Our servers are paid for by member donations which is $40 per year due by October 1st of each year. All donations go to an escrow PayPal account that cover our yearly costs. We demand integrity from our members. We absolutely never tolerate hacking/tweaking/glitching/exploits to make you play better of any kind at all!!!!! We have a 20 and a 10 person teamspeak, a 14 person (custom) server. Some of our members love to play coop and others thrive on multiplayer. Our members are very versatile. A few of our members and allied clan KWK make/modify maps and do a great job. I must say they are awesome!!
1 Clan 1 Goal. Domination! Hooah!

3) Ettiquette


IT IS NOT A TOY. Server Admin overrides all. No one needs to be channel commander we are all equal. Channel Admin may be applied to players that are known trusted FSD friends. This will enable them to move freely in the channels. When you invite a friend to TS introduce your friend to the other members on at the time. We love to get to know eachother on a personal level and most of us go by first names. When you want to give someone the ts password, you must go into admin panel and send a private message to them. Never give the ts password publicly. If you and another member have an issue utilize an empty TS channel to talk it out. You should never argue or air difficulties in the forums, shoutbox, or in admin messages.


This is for clan communications and information. As I mentioned above DO NOT use these areas to air difficulties. If you are upset and you post it may come across the wrong way. No one is allowed to post accusations or problems in the forums. Contact a Head Staff member to difuse the situation before it is aired to the clan and the AA community.

Admin Messages:

You may post things in the admin messages such as, We are recruiting, Visit us at www.team-fsd.com, telling a player to Move Out if he's idle, letting the group know your leaving if you're the only one dead etc. This is not a place to talk trash, type pwnage, or argue.

Playing on our servers and others:

You should always uphold the FSD tags with integrity. Never intentionally TK anywhere. Talking trash will happen. But try to remember to be intelligent when you argue your point, try not to bring yourself to a low level. Never act disrepectful of anyone on our servers or anywhere else, as you are representing FSD. We do not wish to engage in drama, and expect as a member you will not propogate drama. If you accidentally kill someone tell them you are sorry when you can. Even though it was not on purpose it's a common courtesy to always apologize. Just remember to always repsect others, and treat others how you would like to be treated. If you want to forceclass, change the map, change time, change server at all, you should always check with the members that are currently playing. It is rude to change anything without doing so. You should also change the server back to the original settings before leaving. Such as enable forceclass off, turn time back up/down. Some of the settings should not be changed. Such as for roe don't change to kill or send to leavenworth. It's just best to only change what you absolutely need to and change back when done. Server one should be left on Coop maps only. Server two should be left on a multiplayer maps. Server three is for fun, we have many custom coop maps we play on this server. Server four is a competition play/practice dedicated server. Practices and matches take precedence at all times on this server. The website is your friend


If you kick or ban anyone as a member of FSD we trust your judgement to do so if needed. We ask that you post in Ban area of forums a brief explanation of the kickable/banable offense. Please ban by IP, Name, and Mac address. Then kick. If you are just kicking that is not necessary just on bans. And, if you need room for a member always ask someone to voluntarily leave. Never ask someone to leave for a friend of the clan only members. If no one wants to, then kick the last to join game. Otherwise you should only kick someone if they are being disrespectful, usuing foul language, or being sexist/racist.

Ex. 1) Person is intentionally Tk.= Perm ban
2) Not being team player warning and then just a kick if not following directions.
3)Pretty much use common sense not everything deserves a permanent ban and some things definitley do use good judgement. If your not sure just post player name and offense, and let us take care of it from there.

Player Name:

Once you get your tags and set your player name it will stay the same as long as you are with -=[FSD]=-. Unless, America's Army makes you change your name. It is a bit of work to change all of the differnt areas that involve your player name. Please just don't make more work than is needed by requesting frivolous name changes. With combat arms there is no requirement for tags so disregard.

Dual tags will not be allowed for any reason in America's Army. If you are caught with dual tags we will notify the other clan and remove you from -=[FSD]=- immediately.

4) Comptetition/Leagues:

This is optional and for FUN!!!!! If you want to join TWL or any of the other leagues we compete in talk to a Team Captain. Team Captains are Ajax (Head Staff ), and Jim814 (Capt.). There is an area dedicated to FSD Leagues in the forums, if you wish to participate check this area frequently. If you want to play in a match you must sign up on the corresponding post. When you sign up it is also each players responsibilty to get the info needed to play. Ex: IP of server match is on, TS info for the other clan in case there is a problem, Time/Date of match. Come prepared at least hour before match begins. Attending practices and participation in the forum area is mandatory. You also need to be 1-2 hrs early for matches. If you drop in with less than an hour to go you will not play unless you are needed because of a no show. Practices are on server 4 Mon @ 9PM E, Wed @ 9PM E, Fri @ 10PM E. Attending practices is pertinent to forming a solid team to get to know each other's play style, comms, strats etc. Please try to attend at least two of the practices each week.

5) Player accounts:
Never for any reason give out your password or username for your player or your website account. Do not do anyone else's training for them and do not allow anyone to do your training. Down the road if you have shared ip's with others you may have problems being linked if the person hacks or is linked to another hacker. Possibly resulting in being kicked or banned.

6) Resigning:

If for any reason you decide to leave -=[FSD]=- you should post a resignation in the forums. Take yourself off of TWL, Remove your tags from America's Army and AAOTracker, or if from Combat Arms simply remove yourself. And best of luck!

7) Punishment for not following The G & E.

1st Offense = Warning

2nd Offense = Player Admin will be revoked for 90 days. Then returned upon no further issues during this 90 day period.

3rd Offense = Tag Removal

Again all donations are non-refundable. If you get yourself kicked out you will not recieve a refund.

I would like to express how much the point of this whole venture is to have fun. Respect eachother. And make lifelong friends. To the best clan to grace First person shooters...In my opinion. LOL!! Welcome Home!! HOOAH!!
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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.   This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.    team-fsd.com Forum Index -> -=[FSD]=-Guidelines & Expectations All times are GMT - 5 Hours
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